The voice of the Prophet sent from the Lord 

to make known to the modern Christian the Essence of the Gospel Message that became Lost

when the teachings of The Way was placed in the hands of carnal men.

The Message speaks of The Way of Life

    and of the impending doom of those who turn away from The Way of Truth

What secrets did Jesus teach his disciples privately in the house that was not revealed to the multitudes who were taught only in parables?  With respect to this revelation of the higher reality of mankind, the Apostle Paul warned the believers of the simple faith that Christians who remained carnal in their thinking and lifestyle would unknowingly condemn and look upon the Mysteries of God as "foolishness"!  In the same way that responsible adults do not expose children to mature themes, neither does Spiritual Christians reveal to "babes in Christ" (1 Cor 3:1) the Higher Knowledge and the Mysteries of God.  What is therefore presented in this web site is reserved only for those very few who have thoroughly cleansed and sanctified themselves -- those who are prepared to receive the Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom of God -- because the Higher Knowledge of the Kingdom should only be revealed to those who are "...spiritually undefiled, pure as virgins, following the Lamb wherever he goes" (Rev 14:4 NLT).  The purpose of this web site is to re-establish the foundational mindset and way of life that is fundamental to the essence of the teachings of The Way, in order to permit the genuine disciple to move beyond the limitations of this physical world, and come into the Presence of the Light -- not in belief or doctrine, but to actually dwell in the inner Temple and converse with the Lord as intimately as they would their husband or wife, and as naturally as they would their pastor or clergy.  

If, then, you are not prepared to go on to maturity, and thus learn the Mysteries of God that will be unknowingly condemned and viewed as "foolishness" by the Christians of the simple faith, then you must leave this web site immediately -- because he who is permitted to gaze upon the Sacred Knowledge of the Kingdom and fails to embrace and be molded by the Mysteries which the Lord will impart to those who are willing to follow him into the Kingdom -- making the necessary sacrifices and picking up their cross and following in The Way -- will be guilty of the Blood of the Lord, and will receive the greater judgment and condemnation!   Knowledge not lived is sin against the Holy Spirit -- and will not be so easily forgiven!   If, then, you are not prepared to be in the world and not of it -- if you are not prepared to give up all that you possess in this world -- if you do not crave and desire Truth above everything else in Life -- and you are not ready to learn the Mysteries of God that cannot be perceived or comprehended by Christians who are yet carnal in their understanding and manner of life -- then return to the safety of your churches and the protection of the good news and the elementary teachings of the simple faith.  Return, here, only when you are ready, willing and able to give your life totally to the Lord!

When you enter this web site you will find yourself at an entrance point designed for sincere Christians in search of Truth and a more in-depth understanding of the Word.   As a Christian, you already possess the foundation for true enlightenment -- and need only to embrace a more pure biblical mindset, and become the "good ground" within which the seed of the Word is planted.   From a biblical perspective, you are presently the people of the simple faith who have been nourished by the "milk" of the Gospel -- and it is important that your thinking be transitioned one step at a time --i.e., "Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts? For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little" (Isa 28:9-10 NKJ).   If, then, you desire to know the Mysteries of God that could only be revealed to those who were taught privately "in the house", then you must not skip ahead when you enter this portal -- but rather, you must be nourished by each succeeding concept in the exact order they are presented.   In his Epistle to the Trallaus the first century Overseer of Antioch named Ignatius who was himself a disciple of John, writes to the people of the simple faith whose minds have not yet been prepared to receive what the Apostle Paul referred to as the Mysteries of God, and writes: “Might I not write to you things more full of mystery?  But I fear to do so, lest I should inflict injury on you who are babes.  Pardon me in this respect, lest, as not being able to receive their weighty import, ye should be strangled by them”  Of the Mysteries of God, Paul himself wrote to the congregation at Corinth: " paradise, [he] heard things so astounding that they are beyond a man's power to describe or put in words (and anyway I am not allowed to tell them to others)" (2 Cor 12:2-4 TLB). Thus, that those who are permitted to gaze upon the higher spiritual reality of man cannot convey what they see in words that carnal man will comprehend, and are not even permitted to speak of their experiences to others, is the thought expressed by Paul with respect to those who are still of the simple faith when he warned: "And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know" (1 Cor 8:2 NKJ) If, then, in your desire for the Higher Christian Revelation, you jump ahead, and circumvent the process of learning and revelation, you will only inflict damage upon yourself -- being unprepared to comprehend the higher concepts of the teachings of The Way.


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